Welcome, Beautiful Soul

I can help you make brave decisions for your life through the insight & guidance of a tarot reading. Be reintroduced to your authentic self.


Expertly guided, discover new possibilities and regain your divine alignment.

Every tarot reading is intended to uncover the questions within your psyche that need attention and careful examination. In doing so your true path is illuminated.

  • Nurture self-awareness through the archetypes and symbolism of tarot cards.
  • Discover hidden questions and cultivate a renewed sense of self.
  • Chart a path forward that is in alignment with your values and dreams – in essence, alignment with your soul!
  • Take the journey with an expert tarot reader that is invested in your story and provides a compassionate, empathetic and safe space.


Emersyn is committed to your spiritual growth and journey towards greater self-awareness.

Emersyn has been a lifelong student of spiritual practice and occult rituals. Her main focus is on the magic of everyday rituals, sharpening her skills in manifestation, and living authentically in alignment with her divine nature – through the power of tarot, witchcraft, and engaging in a holistic therapeutic practice that enhances her well-being and cultivates healing.

Kind words from a happy client:

“It’s like I had a conversation with my higher self! I know exactly what I have to do, even though it’s hard. But, I know what I want deep down. You have a wonderful connection to above. Please keep helping people. My heart is vibrating so strongly. I’m so happy. Thank you so much!”

– Mathilde V.

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