The Mystical Essence of the Intuitive Arts

“The primordial image, or archetype, is a figure–be it a daemon, a human being, or a process–that constantly recurs in the course of history and appears wherever creative fantasy is freely expressed. Essentially, therefore, it is a mythological figure. . . . In each of these images there is a little piece of human psychology and human fate, a remnant of the joys and sorrows that have been repeated countless times in our ancestral history. . .”

– Carl Jung

Carl Jung believed in the power of archetypes as fluid psychic impressions that symbolized the infinite human experiences that have unfolded from the time of our ancestors to this very moment in time.

Deeply informed by the rich symbolism of mythological legends, steeped in ancestral wisdom, and shaped by the course of human history and social change, archetypes mirror the myriad complexities of the human psyche, which is expressed by our perceptions, thoughts and behaviours, and representing the depths of psychological and emotional experience.

The beauty and mystical magic of tarot is that it is a gateway to exploring themes, symbols, and intuition. In connecting to the archetypes as represented by the imagery and symbolism contained within each card, tarot allows individuals to connect to the deepest truths of their heart and soul. Each card, alone and in connection to others, reveals the complexity of the human condition.

By using tarot as a tool, one can explore questions of the heart to deepen their understanding, and challenge their perceptions by answering questions revealed by the tarot. Tarot is a catalyst to reignite one’s connection to their intuition by leaning into the mystical essence of the archetypes as illustrated by the imagery. It is a method of exploring the meaning of the human experience by considering what insight one’s intuition is highlighting as the way towards emotional and spiritual alignment.

Tarot is an intuitive art – it is a tool that connects our mind, heart and soul – bringing each into alignment to strengthen our understanding of self and providing a roadmap towards actions that can shift one’s path towards joy, contentment, personal growth and spiritual fulfillment. As such, learning to read tarot is an empowering endeavour.

However, one may be inexperienced with tarot or early on their journey in reconnecting with their intuition. As such, you may be seeking guidance from a supportive, safe, and empowering presence who is experienced in drawing upon the magic of tarot. If you are seeking such an individual, I may be the right fit for you.

In another blog post I will outline the various ways in which individuals may avail of tarot and how to identify if a tarot guide is the best choice to meet your needs.

Until then, blessings and love.