About Me

My Story & Tarot Philosophy

My name is Emersyn.

I began practicing witchcraft when I was 13 years old and it was at this time I bought my first tarot deck. During my adolescence tarot was a reassuring ritual that brought me clarity. It was my secret power. It gave me the ability to empower myself when I otherwise felt powerless. Nothing has changed – I still use tarot to ground me, provide me with insight and to cultivate greater self-awareness. 

I graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2009. I completed a specialized honours bachelor of arts with a focus on psychology, counseling and therapeutic interventions. Today, I am completing my master’s degree in counselling psychology.

My method of using tarot is intuitive, not predictive. I consider your needs and the situation at hand to provide insight through the powerful symbolism and archetypes found within the tarot. While doing so, I present the client with questions that the cards bring forth through their imagery and stories. This is intended to provide the client with opportunities for reflection and to dig deeper into their subconscious concerning the issue at hand. Additionally, I like to collaborate with the client in ways that they might take action to shift their story towards a narrative that is more in alignment with their authentic self.

The gift of tarot is that it presents an alternative narrative, one that is hidden by the subconscious, but very much alive in your heart. I provide insight and guidance through reflective, in-depth tarot readings, encouraging growth and empowerment in order for you to feel confident to make brave decisions for your life, in alignment with your deepest self.

In an effort to provide my clients with peace of mind and comfort, I became certified by Biddy Tarot, despite my extensive personal experience reading tarot since the age of thirteen. If you are interested, you can click here to view my listing with Biddy Tarot, the leading source for Tarot resources with over 5 million visitors annually!

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