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Written tarot readings are just as powerful as face-to-face readings.

Continue reading to sample a written tarot reading, shared with enthusiasm and consent from a satisfied client!

This is a sample reading. You can expect detailed and insightful readings that provide you with guidance, thoughts for reflection and empathetic support.

As an intuitive reader I begin the reading by meditating on the energies imparted by the words of the client in their reading request. The questions asked of the cards are determined prior to the meditation after reflecting on the questions and information provided by the client.

Sample Reading: 

What lessons do I need to learn from the past?

The World symbolizes the completion of a cycle, achievement in reconciling and integrating the knowledge you’ve gained through life experiences, and success in creating harmony and balance through the experience of the journey. This card is both the end of a journey and an invitation to begin anew. This card suggests it’s time to move onward, recognizing that your current cycle has run its course and its time to move on. It’s time to recognize what it is that your past has given you and to acknowledge that the nostalgia of the past no longer serves you. It’s time to begin a new journey. It’s important as you journey to never lose the courage to take the next step. It’s easy after achieving some level of growth to claim true enlightenment, to succumb to superiority, self-righteousness, high- mindedness. You must leave behind the ego. There’s no end to the spiritual journey. It’s time to raise your vibration, to connect to the energies around you to manifest their power. Acknowledge how far you’ve come, but continue forward. Be grateful for the challenges. Do not forget the growth you’ve experienced from your past experiences. Do not fail to acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned – continue to integrate them into your life. You cannot move forward on your journey if you do not live the lessons you’ve learned. To simply identify a lesson does not mean you’ve integrated it into your soul, your heart, your actions. You may feel that in the past you’ve struggled to achieve, or perhaps you had success, but it was later lost. Perhaps you’ve felt your past experiences were for naught, because you were been unable to identify the lesson. You may be doomed to repeat the cycle until you do recognize what it is you need to learn to experience growth. Renewal, possibility, opportunity is always available to us, regardless of our past – open your eyes to the signs of change, transition and growth. It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you and to move forward to a new phase of your life. One last message about The World card: sometimes the lesson we needed to learn is how to say goodbye to relationships that no longer meet our needs. It may be time to close the door on a relationship that no longer provides you the love and support that you need to grow as an individual. Sometimes we outgrow relationships and we must recognize when it is time to move on. If you have trouble recognizing when it’s time to say goodbye, or you allow relationships to continue long past their expiry because you fear ending it, whether because you lack the self-love to do so or anticipate guilt and fear this, it’s time to explore this so that you can find the courage to move on.

What can I bring to my relationships to nurture them?

The 4 of Pentacles represents cautiousness, possessiveness, the need to let go. It’s important to nurture and foster your relationships with others by being open and vulnerable. You may feel reserved and afraid to share your feelings with others. You may hide parts of yourself for fear of relinquishing the feeling of control it provides you to hold back from others. Fear is not a healthy place to be; to nurture our relationships we need to be courageous. It’s easy to default to protective, unhealthy behaviours when we’ve been tragically hurt in the past. Past pain may feed your insecurity, allowing nightmares to invade your mind. If you hold doubts about what you are able to offer others, doubts of what you’re worth, doubts over how much others can gain from knowing your beautiful soul, you’ll continue to hold back. This will slowly erode what binds your relationships together – lack of trust, lack of reciprocity, lack of vulnerability are dangerous. Trust, reciprocity, vulnerability are all vital ingredients to foster healthy, strong loving relationships. If you don’t put in the time and effort, if you spend all your energies on material or physical endeavours, then you’re not nurturing your relationships with the energy they need to thrive. This card also suggests that to nurture relationships it is important to let go of past hurts and to forgive others, as well as yourself. Holding on to pain makes it impossible to achieve growth. This card also suggests that there are relationships that you need to let go. Again, fear of pain can make it extremely difficult to recognize when it’s time to let go of relationships that no longer serve you. Do not confuse your self- worth with the success of your relationships. Saying goodbye to something that no longer nurtures your heart and growth is not failure. It’s a recognition that you value yourself, and the other person, to be able to admit that the relationship has run its course. Sometimes in order to grow we must let go of those that cannot support us on our journey.

What can I do to nurture my relationship with myself?

The Hierophant represents tradition, higher knowledge, ritual and convention. This card suggests that it’s time to nurture your spiritual journey, also encouraged by The World card. Evaluate your beliefs, explore other belief systems and reflect on what speaks to you. Create new rituals that nurture your spiritual side. This extends to self-love and self-care rituals – meditate, pray, play. If you’re in a position to counsel others, heed your own advice and integrate the lessons you’re imparting into your own life. It’s also time for you to explore and meet your tribe; build a community of people who share your values, who will support you and offer you unconditional love. This card encourages you to examine your moral code and to do what you believe is right, in your actions towards others and towards yourself. Your spiritual journey may awaken you to the depths of your being, inviting you to heal, grow and develop a strong faith to carry you into the unknown future. It may be a difficult path; discovering oneself, gaining new awareness spiritually and emotionally is challenging as the mirror reflects some dark and terrible truths. But, the rewards are well worth it. As you explore your spiritual path and learn new ways of nourishing your soul, you’ll develop great self- awareness, self- acceptance and ultimately, self-love.

The overall theme of this reading is the need to let go and move forward – let go of the past, let go of your fears, and go forward on a spiritual journey to develop newfound understanding of yourself. Relinquish your hold on old hurts, old relationships, old self-limiting beliefs. It’s time to embark on a new spiritual journey that encourages your growth in directions that once seemed to difficult or elusive. It’s time.

What my client had to say:

“You are so spot on! I am so afraid of letting go because of the pain I would have to deal with. I am having trouble letting go. Your reading was so detailed and so helpful! I feel like I know what I have to do! Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you and your reading. And the time and energy you spent! I am forever grateful. You are an amazing person and I will keep you in my prayers.

~ Irma S.

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