Loving words of kindness, gratitude and enthusiasm for tarot readings, from satisfied clients.

“I really enjoyed the reading from Fluorescent Hearts Tarot! It was clear and straight forward. It resonated with me and brought clarity. I appreciate her kind and gentle spirit. I would definitely recommend a reading if you are seeking guidance or clarity. I loved this!”

Angela C.

“It was such a beautiful reading! It gave clear insight into what I and the other person concerned are feeling. It gave direction I could take and which will lead me forward into such a beautiful phase! Thank you so much for the reading, and not just the reading, but also the support you’ve given me.”

Mitika M.

“Thank you for my reading! You are correct about my past relationships and the questions I had with them. My insecurities and the pain I have suffered because of them is something I am currently trying to repair in order to have a successful relationship with myself and others. Thank you!”

Sophia A.

“Thank you so much! This was so kind of you. I really appreciate that you helped me with all your insight. It really resonated with me and my situation right now. Thank you for reminding me of the many things I somehow forgot with the current situation. Once again, thank you so much! You’re an amazing tarot reader.”


“Thank you for the reading! It was truly appreciated! It helped me and was spot on – I recently had arguments with someone so that makes total sense! Thank you! I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing help or guidance in their life!”

Fiona M.

“Fluorescent Hearts Tarot provided much needed clarity via my reading. It was in-depth and comprehensive. It resonated with my situation. She was spot on about a few things. Highly recommend!”

Uzma X.

“The reading from Fluorescent Hearts Tarot was very fascinating! It made me feel more comfortable and confident with this situation of mine. Now I know what to look out for! I greatly appreciate it and recommend them!”

Eileen S.

“It’s like I had a conversation with my higher self! I know exactly what I have to do, even though it’s hard. But, I know what I want deep down. You have a wonderful connection to above. Please keep helping people. My heart is vibrating so strongly. I’m so happy. Thank you so much!”

Mathilde V.

“Wow. I have read and re-read your words and they have indeed resonated with me. I feel as though your words have given me extra encouragement to take on the unhappiness and unfulfillment that I have been feeling. Thank you, truly. This reading has given me a great amount of insight.”

Joanna G.

“My reading with Fluorescent Hearts Tarot was beyond my expectations. She truly laid it out for me. The feedback towards my question was on point and also pretty inspiring. Try to keep an open mind and process all the information that has been given to you; it has helped me a lot! Thank you once again for such a great reading!”

Leticia B.

“While reading it I felt that you were talking to my soul! It really resonated with me. This message was the strength I needed to move forward in my journey and let go of my past. Thank you so much!”

Unai O.

“Thank you for the reading. I very much appreciated your reading, and enjoyed your insight into my questions and how the cards related. I thought that the information was incredibly pertinent to my situation, and liked that you added a reminder at the end that when looking for love and happiness, it’s really about finding it within first. Very nice and intuitive reading – thank you!!”

E. Nelson

“Thank you for your words. It makes a lot of sense and it confirmed most of my suspicions. We are dealing with the relationship issues you mentioned. And, I have recently updated my CV and have been getting responses. God revealed to me that my breakthrough is near! Once again thank you very much!”

Avril G.

“The reading really touched an inner part of me, as I was able to relate and identify with the aforementioned insights at great length. I have always been a vivacious admirer of the occult as it so progressively makes me sense an emotional overflow of revelations, striking it home for me. I thank you again for the gift you shared with me and made this encounter a memorable one.”

Satyam J.

“This is amazingly accurate, I love the way you interpret the cards – they are so relevant to me! I feel very good about this, the whole reading gets to me on a personal level. I enjoyed the way you pose questions too. Thank you very much, amazing read.”

Irving A.

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